Tuning and intonation

The company Saccuman Snc also performs tuning and intonation services. You can book a tuning service at your home with one of our tuning technicians by phone, email or our contact form.

The piano needs periodic tuning to preserve the quality of the instrument and the sound. The tensioned strings exert tens of tons of force on the cast iron, ankles, bridges and soundboard, and over time, vibration and humidity, this tension can change and as a result the piano is out of tune.

It is therefore advisable to have your instrument tuned at least every 12 to 15 months.

Over time, intonation can also vary and after a tuning performed by an expert technician, you can request a tuning service to make your piano sound its best.

During tuning and intonation, our technicians also carry out a general check of the instrument and in particular the mechanics. If this requires some quick interventions (lazy mechanics, slow keys, broken mechanical pins, readiness, escapement, etc.) they will be carried out at no extra charge. ) they will be carried out at no extra charge.

In addition to private individuals, we offer assistance to schools, institutes, theatres, conservatories throughout the region.