Piano rental

If you are starting a piano course and don’t know how to get one at home, or don’t know if it will be the right instrument for your studies, you can hire a piano.

Saccuman offers the rental formula that allows you to have a high quality instrument in your home immediately, selected from the best brands.

The pianos available are new and come in various brands, from Japanese giants to European classics. The rental formula includes numerous advantages. If the piano is purchased, a full year’s rental is deducted from the purchase price. It is also possible to purchase a piano other than the one rented and, even in this case, the sum already paid for 12 months’ rental is deducted from the purchase price.

The 5-year warranty on structural parts starts from the date of purchase and is therefore independent of how long you have owned the instrument. Rental prices are also very attractive, starting at just over one coffee per day. The rental period has no time limit, but you are only required to keep the contract for a minimum of twelve months (the duration of a school year). The following instruments are available for hire

upright acoustic pianos

pianos with the “Silent” system

digital pianos

The rental formula for digital pianos has a limited time period of 6 months. At the end of this period, the purchase or return of the instrument is required. In the case of purchase, as with the acoustic piano formula, the amount paid for the rental of the first 3 months is recovered. There is also the possibility of renting the pianos for individual evenings in the case of parties or concerts, or for a short period (seminars, courses, etc.) at very favourable prices.

We have the possibility of allocating financing contracts for the purchase of the instrument with payment in instalments of your choice.