About us

For 45 years, the company Saccuman Snc, based in Bolzano, has been dealing seriously and professionally with the sale, rental, restoration and repair of new, used and antique upright and grand pianos; it also provides home assistance and tuning for both private individuals and schools, institutes and theatres throughout the Trentino Alto Adige region. With cordiality and competence they will propose you the ideal instrument for your needs, evaluating the logistics and the study undertaken by you.

In 2018, it became the official centre for the Triveneto region for C.Bechstein pianos, from uprights to grand pianos. A brand that joins the many other brands that Saccuman has been offering for almost half a century.

Official Fender Center®

In 2014, we opened the first Fender Premium Centre in South Tyrol. The showcase dedicated to Fender’s guitars ³ is set up in a room in the headquarters of our headquarters in Bolzano. This is the largest Fender fair in the province. It is designed specifically to create a pleasant and relaxing environment where you can observe and try all the string instruments. Electric guitars, classical acoustics, electric and acoustic basses, and transistor and valve amplifiers from the Fender, Squire, and Fender, Guild (U.S.A.) and Almansa (Spain) family.

The carpeted walls allow you to enhance the colors of the guitars, illuminated by a system of LED headlights, and emphasize the timbre of the instruments. The showcase is completed with a wide selection of original Fender accessories. (strings, shoulder straps, T-shirts, caps, etc.) and other brands (Elixir, D’Orazio, D’Addario, Ernie Ball, Augustine, DR) and pedals effects Dunlop MXR.

Piano Showroom

Our new showroom was opened in June 2015 and is located in via Piazza don Bosco 8/A. Large and bright, it houses many elegant tools giving the opportunity to every customer, from small to large, to choose and get excited trying and touching the works of the most famous brands of pianos. To make the moment of the choice even more pleasant and engaging, we have studied a suitable environment to better accommodate the sound of the piano to be able to enhance every nuance. We chose a place with large windows to enjoy natural light, which gives the environment a more relaxing feeling of artificial light.

We installed special panels and curtains to homogenize the sound diffusion, therefore also an adequate air conditioning system to keep the instruments at the right level of humidity. The curtains are lowered automatically to protect the pianos when the sunlight is very strong. In the evening you can instead see the show of our pianos, which illuminated create a suggestive and dreamy atmosphere.

The grand pianos that you can try in our showroom are of various types, length and production. Our choice, which derives from almost 45 years of experience in the field, offers major brands known: Kawai and Yamaha, the great Japanese giants; Grotrian-Steinweg, C.Bechstein and Sauter that are instead the large German artisan producers; and pianos like Fazioli and Steinway & Sons that don’t need presentation.

We have also given space to digital pianos that in recent years have come very close as mechanical and sound quality to acoustic pianos.

For the visit to the showroom, we recommend that you come first to our headquarters in via Alessandria 23, so you will be accompanied by our staff.

Otherwise contact to make an appointment.